Last night I finally found the courage to turn on the Christmas lights again, the same lights you painstakingly stapled to our outdoor ceiling one afternoon when we had nothing else to do. Pa looked at me when he saw the lights after all these years, his expression somewhere between uncertainty and gratitude. Our family […]

To Meryl, On Patience

Patience does not mean encouraging disappointment, frustration, and a waste of energy — all of which you seem to be so strongly against. Patience is the act of rejecting all three. Patience does not require you to lose your convictions, because only people who have no convictions will “waste time with what displeases or hurts” […]

Pisay at 50

Una sa lahat, hindi po ako taga-Pisay. Madalas lang mapagkamalan dahil marami sa kakaunti kong kaibigan ay mula sa Pisay. Kaya rin ang dami kong contacts na nagpalit ng profile pics into their Pisay grad pictures, at marami pang iba na hindi nagpapalit pero alam kong taga-Pisay because you know #truefriend LOL WHAT Anyway, narealize ko […]

I need to write this down

I thought difficult meant dealing with the consequences of having way too many feelings for one person — all the confusion, all the questions, everything that comes with having way too many for my tiny heart to handle. Apparently it means dealing with only one feeling but not having the opportunity to say it out loud, […]